5 Benefits of a Standing Desk

Lack of exercise, poor eating habits and prolonged hours of sitting can all lead to deteriorating health.   With few simple changes in your life, you can alter the way you feel and look. You can also improve your overall health and start living a better lifestyle. Drinking water instead of soda and other sugary drinks, eating three complete meals that includes protein, fiber and vegetables and standing more can all lead to healthier and leaner self. Standing more is quick and easy way to change the way you feel. With the right standing desk you will be able to stand more and see the difference in your body.

While the concept of standing desks isn’t new, it has gained more popularity over the recent years due to numerous of health reports and studies. These studies show the health benefits standing desks have on people and how easy it is to incorporate them in your life.

5 Benefits of Standing Desks

More research is being done to show the benefits of standing desks but the basic benefits that we know about include:

Better Posture- Looking down at your screen or even tilting your head too high can both cause strain on your neck and eyes. This can make it difficult of even frustrating to work at your desk and get any work done. With a standing desk you will be able to look at the screen at eye level or just below eyes level so that you can support and prevent tension in your neck. Standing desks or even adjustable desks can help reduce your upper back and neck pain by more than 50 percent.

Improved Mood- standing desk can also improve the way you feel throughout the day. Sitting down has been linked to stress and fatigue while standing has been linked to improved mood and higher energy. So if you’re feeling sluggish or anxious while sitting down and working, the answer could be as simple as getting a standing desk.

Increase Vitality- Different researches have been conducted showing the benefits of standing. Their results conclude that increasing your standing time as little as three hours a day can prolong your life by two years.

Prevent Obesity- A lot of people have an issue with their gut, due to sitting for long periods of time. The more you sit the slower your metabolism can get, which can increase your chances of gaining weight. If you want to stay fit, feel great and prevent that belly from increasing in size, you need to stand more! Simply by standing more you can burn a few extra calories and stabilize your metabolism.

Ease Back Pain- Standing more means that you will be in an upright position and not hunched over your screen which can ruin your posture and cause chronic back pain. Those that stand more can help ease their back pain within just a few short weeks.

These are just five benefits of using standing desks. If you are ready to feel better, improve your mood and work productivity, it’s time to switch to a standing desk!