Different Types of Standing Desks

We can’t hear enough about how we need to move more, walk and stand more often throughout our day. With jobs that require us to sit for long periods of times by a desk or work station, this can become difficult to do. This is why more companies are offering their employees the option of opting for sit-stand adjustable desks or standing desks. Not only do they offer it to their employees but they utilize them as well. With one of many different types of standing desks, you will be able to:

  • Burn more calories
  • Improve your posture
  • Boost your energy
  • Stay more alert throughout your day
  • Reduce your risk of obesity and heart complications

These are just a few of the different benefits of utilizing standing desks versus your standard sit-down desks.

Types of Standing Desks

While the concept of standing desks might seem recent, it is anything but. Standing desks have been available since the late 18th and early 19th century. Most of these desks were available to the wealthy class, making it difficult and pricy for everyone else. Today, however, standing desks are more affordable and come in a variety of styles, colors and options. Some of the different types of standing desks include:

Standing Desk Tables- These are large tables that can be adjusted in height by a crane or other method. These standing desks are usually stationary and don’t have wheels.

Mobile Standing Desks-These standing desks have wheels so that you can easily move the table around. Most of these desk choices also have height adjustment options so that you can modify the height to your needs.

Adjustable Standing Desks- These desks are also called sit-stand desks and are very convenient. They are placed on top of your current office table and can be adjusted so that you either sit or stand while you work. Some people prefer this option when they are transitioning from standard sitting stables to standing tables or if they have chronic pain.

Portable Standing Desk- If you have a laptop and want to be able to work on the road while traveling or even in your office and home without utilizing much space, portable tables are the answer for you. These options are lightweight, easy to use and can even be taken on vacations.

These are just some of the different types of standing desk options that are available today. Whether you want a stationary desk for your office, a mobile standing desk, an adjustable standing desk or even a portable one, the options are endless. You can also find great standing desks with space for your accessories, electronics and other gadgets and books. No matter what your budget is or the size of the space in your home is, you will easily find the best standing desk for you!